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The high-end luxury market in Buckhead is showing plenty of resilience despite the market fluctuations. While the majority of homes under $4 million involve mortgages, 80% of the homes at $4 million and above are paid for in cash. This insulates these buyers from interest rate shocks and and is part of the reason that the upper end of the Buckhead market is outperforming the rest. 
Eight of the ten sales below were cash deals and two of the sales were off-market deals. Click here to read my mid-year market update. The market stats may surprise you!
The Loudermilk Estate that I sold in February is still the #1 sale of 2023 but the top ten Buckhead home sales list for the first half of 2023 is packed with beautiful homes!
The spirit of Buckhead heads forward. This is the way it has been, and perhaps this is the way it will always be. The spirit of Buckhead points forward. You see it in the way we work, and you see it in the way we play. The reach is always extending further. The search is for excellence and beauty and grace and vibrancy.
We are a community of individuals. We are diverse, we are dynamic, and we are discerning. We are builders. We are connected to one another with a common bond. A common dream. A common quest. Pointing life in one direction. Forward.
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