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Brick was the name of the game in December as a number of traditionally styled older homes were among the top-10 home sales for the month.
Taking the lead was a beautifully remodeled Colonial-style mansion at 3338 Sunnyside Drive in the San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville. Sold for $4.8 million on Dec. 12, the nearly 8,000-square-foot home on the St. Johns River boasts an English rose garden, imported Italian steel doors, custom molding, a smart home system, whole house generator and a saltwater pool with spa, among other high-end details.
In 2016 its elegant interiors were also featured in Southern Home magazine.
The following are the top-10 single-family home sales recorded from Dec. 1-Dec. 31, 2022, according to the Duval County Property Appraiser’s Office. 
Top 10 from November:Queen’s Harbour villa sells for $2.6 million
A little corner of Klutho:Condo for sale in Riverside apartment building by renowned architect
Price: $4.8 million 
Square feet: 7,984 
Per square foot: $601 
Neighborhood: San Marco 
Year built: 1938 
Acreage: 1.0
Bedrooms: 4 
Baths: 4.5 
Buyer: Michael H. Morales Living Trust & Lauren C. Morales Living Trust 
Seller: Kimberly Rutkowski 
Sale date: Dec. 12 
Price: $4 million 
Square feet: 7,852 
Per square foot: $509 
Neighborhood: Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club 
Year built: 2008 
Acreage: 0.34 
Bedrooms: 4 
Baths: 5.5 
Buyer: Vaseal V. Montgomery Living Trust 
Seller: Lawrence & Marilyn Longhi 
Sale date: Dec. 30 
Price: $2,475,000 
Square feet: 4,499 
Per square foot: $550 
Neighborhood: Pablo Creek Reserve 
Year built: 2015 
Acreage: 0.51 
Bedrooms: 4 
Baths: 4.5 
Buyer: James Roy Empfield 
Seller: Melanie Lynn Hutchinson 
Sale date: Dec. 6 
Price: $2,390,000 
Square feet: 4,893 
Per square foot: $488 
Neighborhood: San Marco 
Year built: 1933 
Acreage: 0.20 
Bedrooms: 5 
Baths: 4 
Buyer: Susan A. Walden Living Trust 
Seller: Lacey Skinner 
Sale date: Dec. 21 
Price: $2.3 million 
Square feet: 3,910 
Per square foot: $588 
Neighborhood: Atlantic Beach Country Club 
Year built: 2017 
Acreage: 0.25 
Bedrooms: 4 
Baths: 4.5 
Buyer: Christopher & Terri Strong 
Seller: Kevin & Sharon Birkett 
Sale date: Dec. 14 
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Morocco Shrine Center:Another Jacksonville landmark meets the wrecking ball
Price: $1.6 million
Square feet: 3,450 
Per square foot: $464 
Neighborhood: Lakewood 
Year built: 1963 
Acreage: 1.3 
Bedrooms: 3 
Baths: 2.5 
Buyer: Nader & Maria Yazgi 
Seller: Bette Loyd 
Sale date: Dec. 5 
Price: $1,520,000 
Square feet: 3,662 
Per square foot: $415 
Neighborhood: Ocean Grove 
Year built: 2005 
Acreage: 0.25 
Bedrooms: 4 
Baths: 4 
Buyer: Stephen Bradley & Anna Orman 
Seller: Lori Bittner & Kenneth Cahill 
Sale date: Dec. 6 
Price: $1,510,000 
Square feet: 2,340 
Per square foot: $645 
Neighborhood: Oceanview 
Year built: 1983 
Acreage: 0.25 
Bedrooms: 3 
Baths: 2.5 
Buyer: Amy Evans 
Seller: Douglas M. & Hillary Weatherhead, Hillary R. Smalling 
Sale date: Dec. 5 
Price: $1.3 million 
Square feet: 4,131 
Per square foot: $315 
Neighborhood: Riverwood/Arlington 
Year built: 1947 
Acreage: 1.1 
Bedrooms: 4 
Baths: 4 
Buyer: Phetsomphone Thompson & Carlos Valotha 
Seller: Brandon & Gustavo Villalona 
Sale date: Dec. 30 
Price: $1,225,000 
Square feet: 4,495 
Per square foot: $273 
Neighborhood: Cedar Heights/North Jacksonville 
Year built: 2007 
Acreage: 1.3 
Bedrooms: 6 
Baths: 5 
Buyer: Mitchell & Janelle White 
Seller: Janis & Michael Ryles 
Sale date: Dec. 16 



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