Jury calls ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in State of Tennessee vs Ashley Brown

The State of Tennessee versus Brown trial was underway as attorney for Brown, William D. Massey, and the State share closing arguments before the jury is sent to deliberation.

Associate Editor, Shannon Taylor

In the trial of the State of Tennessee versus Ashley Brown, the jury released a verdict of “Not Guilty” on all charges on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Brown was arrested in 2021 after a shooting took place in the parking lot of Luxury Nail Salon on Lindell Street.  The initial press release by Police Chief Don Teal stated that police responded after they were called regarding a physical altercation between Brown, Alisha Gadlen and her daughter which then escalated to shots being fired.

According to the press release and details released during the trial, Gadlen was shot with a handgun, transported by EMS and then later dying from her injuries. Brown was taken into custody and the weapon was recovered.

Brown was charged with Second Degree Murder, two counts of Aggravated Assault and Employing a Firearm with intent to go armed during a dangerous felony. She was later indicted by the Weakley County Grand Jury.

After hearing closing arguments, the jury deliberated for just over an hour before reaching the final verdict at the shock of the family of the deceased. Brown has been cleared of all charges by a jury of her peers.

Brown was represented by William D. Massey with the Law Office of Massey, McClusky and Fuchs out of Memphis, TN.


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