Lindell Street Home to Halloween-Town

On the right is Cooper Potts-Webb, Middle is Tommy Webb and Xander Alvarado-Webb is on the left! Not pictured who helped is Ivan Alvarado, Austin Alvarado-Webb and David Rivera! Photo Credit: Tommy Webb

Associate Editor Shannon Taylor

Heading down Lindell Street in Martin towards South Fulton sits a home that goes over the top with their Halloween décor every year. The Alvarado-Webb family together have created their own little “Halloween Town.”

The Alvarado-Webb Family includes Tommy Webb and his spouse Ivan Alvarado, their sons Cooper Potts-Webb, David Rivera, Austin Alvarado-Webb and Xander Alvarado-Webb.

The Alvarado-Webb’s have been putting their display together for approximately 12 years now. Webb said that they do this every single year for fun because they enjoy Halloween so much. “The people who drive by love it. We are always having people stop to look at the décor. They just love it.”

Webb said that they love the feedback they get from people on social media and those who stop by to admire the décor. They have even left up their décor for longer than usual in past years due to residents stopping by asking them not to take it down. 

The children said that all their friends at school go nuts over their yard—especially when the school bus goes by. “They go crazy over the decorations-they just love it.”

The Alvarado-Webb’s stated that it takes 2-3 weeks to get all the decorations up in their yard. They acquire new items every year which includes a giant spider, two 20-foot skeletons, a 20-foot werewolf, a giant dragon, a horse and carriage and more! 

They have numerous trick or treaters arriving who clear out bowl after bowl of candy—so many trick or treaters that some have to park next door.

The Alvarado-Webb’s do it all for the love of Halloween and their community. “Especially people’s reactions—we love seeing the community get excited about the display we put up every year.” They encourage everyone to come out to take some photos and see the décor, bring their trick or treaters or just drive by and take in the view. Located on Lindell Street in Martin—you can’t miss it!


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