Martin Board Approves 19K Emergency Repair


Shannon Taylor, Editor

Martin City Board held their first reading at their Dec. 11 meeting of the Public Ambulance Service Ordinance, which would amend sections 3 and 16. 

Section 3 would amend the ambulance service fees. The mileage to the hospital (in addition to transport fee) would be raised from $17.47 per mile to $22.50 per mile. Section 16 would amend local vehicle regulations. The removal of the 250,00 miles on the odometer, except for established and dedicated back-up units.

The first reading was passed and the ordinance will have to have a second reading and a public hearing before it goes into effect, which will take place at the board’s regularly scheduled January meeting. 

The board approved an emergency repair for an Anode Rectifier Bed for the Gas Department. “The Anode sits on the ground and the rectifier sits above it and runs electric copper wires to it and that copper wire transfers electric current for the city’s gas system,” Martin Mayor Randy Brundige explained.  The purchase was for the amount of $19,350.

Brundige gave an update on the University Street lighting project which goes from Mount Pelia Road down towards McDonalds. “The lights are going to come up after the first of the year and it’s going to be dark through there until they get all of the bases built and the poles up,” Brundige said. The lights should be up by the beginning of February. 

The next board meeting will be held on Jan. 8 at 5:15 p.m.


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