Property Assessor Explains City of Martin Tax Increase


For Immediate Release: Lisa Odle: Assessor of Property

Over the last several weeks we’ve had several calls from residents in the City of Martin.  There is miscommunication as to why taxes had such large increases.  While there was an increase in the appraisals, a certified tax rate was issued to all cities as well as the county.  All cities and Weakley County adopted that rate with Martin being the exception. While I have no opinion as to their decision, I also want the facts to be clear.  For example, A house within Martin City limits that increased from $80,000 to $120,000 would have seen an increase of $23.46 with the certified rate. With the adopted rate the increase is $143.46. In conclusion, with this example the adopted rate was responsible for $120 of the increase in taxes.  Please contact my office with questions concerning value increases at 364-3677.  With questions regarding the actual tax dollars, please contact the city in which you reside and ask the difference of the certified tax rate versus adopted tax rate.

Weakley County Property Assessor
116 W. Main Street Room G01
Dresden, TN  38225
731-364-3677 Office E-Mail


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