Frazier’s Book Bus Hits the Road to Promote Literacy in Northwest Tennessee

Frazier’s Book Bus Hits the Road to Promote Literacy
Frazier’s Book Bus Hits the Road to Promote Literacy

The community gathered on June 29 at the Dresden Farmers Market to celebrate the launch of Frazier’s Book Bus, a new mobile library that will serve Weakley, Carroll, and Henry counties in northwest Tennessee. This exciting initiative aims to distribute books to readers of all ages, promoting literacy and a love for reading throughout the region. 

The launch party featured a short program and book giveaway, where attendees were encouraged to climb aboard the bus and select books to take home. The vibrant atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and support for this literacy initiative, reflecting the community’s commitment to education and lifelong learning. 

Frazier’s Book Bus was made possible through the generous support and collaboration of numerous partners. The Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation, Weakley County Schools, and West TN Public Utility District played crucial roles in bringing this vision to life. Additionally, other sponsors and volunteers contributed their time and resources to ensure the success of this project. 

“We are incredibly grateful to The Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation for their generous grant funding,” Legon Roberson, Director of Grants Management and Special Projects at United Way of West Tennessee stated. “This support has been instrumental in bringing Frazier’s Book Bus to life, enabling us to reach readers of all ages across three counties. By providing access to books and promoting literacy, we are fostering a culture of learning and growth that will benefit our communities for years to come.” 

“We are thrilled to see Frazier’s Book Bus hit the road and begin its journey to make a positive impact on literacy in our communities,” said Kaitlyn Mingle, Director of Early Education

Initiatives at United Way. “This mobile library will provide access to books for children and adults alike, fostering a love for reading and learning that can last a lifetime.” 

Frazier’s Book Bus will make regular stops throughout Weakley, Carroll, and Henry counties, offering a wide selection of books for readers of all ages. The initiative aligns with the broader goals of United Way of West Tennessee to support education and strengthen communities by providing resources and opportunities for all. 

For more information about Frazier’s Book Bus and its schedule, visit or contact Legon Roberson at