Letter to the Editor


I want to voice my views about a couple of things here in Weakley County. The County mayors Election for one-the election should not be a one-party race-every person-man or woman-should have the right to run in this election.

The Republican party has made it plain, or at least the common-sense thinking voters that they want it to be a one party race, so they decided who could and could not run for this high paying office, bringing people outside of Weakley County to tell the election office what they were going to do or not do.

This is not a one-party office-why hasn’t anyone from the other party out their name in the pot?

It is quite apparent that the Republican Party picked their own person ahead of everything to get this office-without any regard to what is right or not. I only hope that the commonsense voters go to the polls and vote for the person that can do the job and not vote the way the party tell them to.

Second, every county paid office should be voted on by the people of this county. There are at least 4-5 offices in this county thata re decided by 8-10 people. One-the school superintendent office holder is decided by 5 out of 9 board members-Martin controls that-and the rest 11 out of 19 decide if they all go to meetings.

Me, I am too old to worry too much about it but what about 6-8 years from now when all of this could come back on you. There is a lot going on in this county that has been kept quiet from the general public.