Suspended Greenfield Chief, Daniel Smith, Resigns


Shannon Taylor, Editor

Daniel Smith, former Greenfield Chief of Police

Suspended Greenfield Police Chief Danny Smith turned in his resignation at Tuesday night’s City Board meeting.

Tuesday, January 6, during public comment, Smith turned in his resignation. “I’m a citizen of this town and tonight I want to resign. I want to ask you if you’ll accept my resignation, Smith stated.

Smith said he decided to resign from his position after a lot of careful consideration. “It’s time for me to join my former Chief’s in retirement. I’ve served this city with all my heart and give my best to this community. I pray that the city has been a little safer since I’ve been here and tried to do a little something,” Smith said. 

Smith said that he made and lost friends along the way, but that he wouldn’t change anything, but that he’d do it all again. 

“This is law enforcement appreciation day. I appreciate the officers I’ve got right here today. I appreciate the hard work that they do for this city and I ask them to keep doing their jobs for this community and I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve thai town. I’ve given the city of Greenfield folks 30 years,” Smith said.

Greenfield Mayor Cindy McAdams thanked Smith for all he did for the city. “Thank you Mr. Smith. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks for all you did for this town,” McAdams said.

Greenfield Interim Police Chief Jeff Mathews publicly announced that he won’t apply for the position. “All the years I’ve known Danny for about the last 30 years when I first started Sharon, I know he started Greenfield and he’s been a dear friend and I’ve been blessed for the time I’ve been here working under him. He’s been a  friend and kind of a mentor even though I’m older than him. I just want to say thank you to him for that opportunity to come work under him. It being said, I know there will be an opening and I want to make it publicly: I will not be pursuing Chief of Police in Greenfield. I will not be putting in for the position,” Mathews stated. 

Later, McAdams said that she accepted Smith’s resignation as was her right under the city’s charter and she has received no negative response for doing so from the city board. McAdams said that Mathew will stay on as interim, until a new Chief is found.

McAdams stated that she was working with MTAS on a public search for a new chief. McAdams did not comment on why Smith wasn’t fired, but instead allowed to resign, considering the two domestic assault charges he has pending. Smith’s next court date is scheduled for Jan. 17 at 8:30 a.m. 

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