Weakley County School Officials notified of inappropriate social media posts


School officials were notified last night of two inappropriate social media posts that were potentially made by a student at Dresden High School. Law enforcement was immediately notified, and an investigation was launched.

As a precaution, additional law enforcement was present earlier this morning.

Principal Scott Killebrew said that the school day is running on schedule.

“The safety of students, faculty, and staff is taken seriously here at our school and in our district. Law enforcement is actively investigating the social media posts. We shared information from our notification system with parents and guardians as soon as it was available. We appreciate the quick response from our school team and law enforcement, and we look forward to a great rest of the day teaching and learning,” Killebrew acknowledged.

Director of Schools Jeff Cupples added, “Social media can be a useful tool to help build community. However, we urge parents and guardians to talk with their children about accountability and the consequences of posting inappropriate content on social media. As always, we are grateful for local law enforcement and our continued partnership.”

Students, parents, and anyone in the community can anonymously report a safety concern 24/7/365 by visiting the website weakleycountyschools-tn.safeschoolsalert.com. The website provides the option to anonymously report via mobile app, text, web, email, or phone.


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