Shannon’s Soapbox: Local Business Spotlights


A few weeks ago I created a Facebook post inviting local businesses in Martin to reach out to me so I could highlight Martin’s local businesses and create a rapport with the business community, the news and the public.

I was completely astonished at the response I received and so excited to become a part of sharing the stories of all the local businesses that reached out to me in response. While many newspapers only reach out to businesses in the event of a ribbon cutting, open house or to sell an advertisement—I wanted to give local businesses something different: a way to connect with the community and show why shopping local is so important.

Because of that one Facebook post, I have met so far with over a dozen businesses and have appointments booked up for the next four months. And it’s not about money. The Martin Post receives no monetary gain for this. This is about connecting the public with local businesses they may not know about, or they don’t know their full story. The experience so far has been one of the biggest highlights of my week.

When people hear the phrase, “shop local” a lot of people only think about prices being higher and spending more money, but what they don’t realize is that it’s very rare for big corporations to give back to the community. They don’t have the community their business is in at heart. Local businesses do. They understand the community they live in and count on the support of the people within it to thrive and flourish. Most of these local businesses support and give back to the community they are in also by sponsoring events, donating, and supporting the schools. If you’re like me, it’s very rare to see big corporations doing that and if they do, it’s rare.

When you shop local, it is an important part of supporting the local economy as well. This helps to keep money in the community as well as providing jobs locally and supporting local causes which encourages economic growth.

Local businesses play a vital role within the community by providing goods that cannot be gotten anywhere else, supporting local causes and helping to promote a sense of community. 

According to, shopping local helps to reduce environmental impacts by 26% due to less mileage used to shop. Shopping local also helps boost donations by 250% and helps keep your community unique. 90% of local businesses net new jobs, better one on one customer service at local businesses, a chance to invest in your community and encourage local prosperity.

I know that, like me, everyone in Weakley County wants a better, thriving community. Go show support for your local businesses and invest in your community by shopping local. I know I do! 

If you are a local business or know of one that you’d like to spotlight please reach out to me at I would love to feature them for a spotlight!


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